Carfax Stages – 2012

The Oxford MC Carfax Stages was to be the first time I would drive the Micra on a high speed event, and the first time out since a number of new modifications.

The day started out very cold but dry and the day dawned in to a lovely sunny Autumn day. During the day I altered a number suspension settings and got to know the car and how it handles. RAF Benson where the event is held allows for some very high speed sections as well as some tighter and more slippery bits. The only issue we had was running out of brake pads on stage 3 or 4 which made braking interesting! However we had a spare set of pads and some great work by the service crew and help from Matt Humphris of Humphris Oxford who supplies most of the competition Micra parts we got the new pads fitted and bedded in during the service time allowed (just!).

The last stage was great fun as it was fully dark and we got to use the new lamp-pod and coming from a road rallying back-ground it always feels better rallying in the dark for some reason!

We finished up 42nd overall and 6th in class beating both other Micra’s in the event.


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