Rockingham Stages 2012

So on to the next event in the Micra, and this time it was Suze’s turn to drive (we swop for most events). It would also be Suze’s first two-day rally.

The Saturday was a nice relaxed start to event, we late morning scrutineering and a midday start. The first six stages of the event we good although it was very cold, and the wintern pattern Toyo tyres worked well, and the lamp-pod was very useful for the last two stages in the dark.

Then we had a very social evening with some of the organisers and then it was another relaxed start to the second day which gave me time to make use of the hotel buffet breakfast 🙂

The second day was more of the same with us covering many stage miles and Suze gaining more and more confidence in the newly modified Micra.

You can view lots of on-board video’s from the event on Suze’s Youtube channel –

We finished 25th overall & 3rd in class and Best Thame Motor Club Crew

Here is one of the night stages.


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