Crash Landings

One feature of the stages at Brands Hatch was a small looking yump, which when used downhill caused the car to get very airborn as you can see in the pic in the previous post.

However what goes up must come down and each time we landed on the front of the sumpguard (see pic for impact marks), which was fine, but in the impact it must have moved the exhaust as it was now leaking from the joints to the down pipes. 


First job was to check the front brake pads were ok, which was a surprise as these usually need replacing after every stage rally. It shows how little grip and how cold it must have been !

Then with the sumpguard off it made sense to change the oil again and then I set to work adjusting the exhaust which proved to quite easy was loosened off and using a large hammer !

Then with everything back together, I had a bit of spare time which i used to paint the front calipers and rear drums in a couple of coats of VHT satin black to try and help dissipate the heat generated. I also managed to remove quite a large amount of mud from the rear arches.

Final job of the day was to sort through tyres / wheels for the next event Goodwood stages (Suze driving and me on the maps)  and for the first Targa (Gymkhana) of the year at Honnington. Luckily the mix of Winter tyres and Yoko’s from Brands should be fine for Goodwood and we have a number of old Sportway tyres from the car’s Enduro rally past to use up on the Targa rally.


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