Four four

In typical rally style i.e. last minute, the plan for this weekend is to change the gearbox on the Micra with a 1.0 box which has the same gear ratio’s but has a lower final drive – changing from the standard 3.9 for the 1.3 box to a 4.4 diff in the 1.0 box. This will give a good reduction in gearing, which will help improve gearing.

Hopefully this will be all done for the following weekend, as it is the first of this years Chelmsford MC Targa Rallies (nee Gymkhana’s). For this event we will be running some Yoko A539’s which I got in a E-Bay deal when getting necessary spare wheels & tyres (x4 Renalt 5 GT Turbo wheels & x2 Yoko A032R’s) for the London Rally we have both entered to do in April – see These are lower profile so will give even lower gearing, so acceleration on the Targa will be good at least 🙂

Whilst making a start on getting the Micra ready to remove the gearbox I noticed that the front discs were showing a lot of little cracks. Given the fact that the marshals at Goodwood stages were commenting that the discs were glowing red hot at the end of the stages and they are the same ones which we got with the car when we bought it (over 4 years ago) – it is no real surprise they are showing signs of abuse. So along with the new (2nd hand) gearbox I will also be fitting new discs and pads at the front.


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