Snowy Targa

So the day came for the first Targa Rally of the year at MoD Woodbridge, and the weather was just well…. awful ! We had strong winds, snow, rain and grey cloud cover. It was cold in the car, so must have been awful outside marshaling  So many thanks to all the organisers and marshals for getting cold for us to have fun 🙂

One good thing about the cold/wet weather was we didn’t need to remove the snow tyres, as these were the best of all the options I had packed. So we ran on three used Toyo Snowprox’s and one old Colway Road Plus after the puncture at Goodwood.

The 2013 Woodbridge Targa Rally 2

The event was very wet and as you can see from the picture there were a few water splashes which proved that the engine with the new airbox does cope ok with lots of water.

During the event we (Suze navving) we traded many top 5 and 10 test times, including one fastest overall test time which was very pleasing. There were of course a few ‘what if’ moments, including a silly spin on my part trying to chase down time…. (should know better…!)

In the end we ended up 10th overall (out of 73 entries) and 3rd in class, just one second behind Owen Turner. With Suze driving and me on the maps we finished 12th overall and 4th in class, Suze showing a real improvident in driving which lead to me having to try hard on my goes!

For full results see –


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