London Rally for Heroes, a Navex and an Autosolo….

Its been a bit quiet here on the website, mostly because its been a busy time since the last event the CMC Targa Rally.

The big event was the multi-venue London Rally for Heroes based at Brooklands and used many MoD venues. This was a great event, with many short, sharp and twisty stages. It was our first time on Pace Notes, so this was a new experience and it was nice to be able to watch the stages before hand on the Pattersons DVD, and also to be able to check/alter the notes.

The event went well for us and we finished up 29th overall and 3rd in class out of 74 starters.

Then just a few days later I entered an new event to me, a Oxford MC Navex, these are a cross between a Scatter and a 12 Car, where you have a set route which you plot from navigation, and you prove the route by mileages from sign posts, but there is no timing so it is quite a relaxed event. For this i teamed up with James Marks and being first back to the pub(finish) we feared we may have missed something out, but it turned out we had in fact won !

Then just a few more days later I spotted there was a Autosolo/Autotest running on Sunday at Debden airfield, this seemed like a good chance to get back out and ‘play’. So a late entry was put in and the car loaded up. The Micra performed faultlessly and run well all day, although i could have used a bit more grip…. Because I was using a stage prepped car i ended up in the autotest class against specialist mini’s and alike, but since both the autosolo and autotest used the same tests you can combine the results. So i ended up 3rd overall (combined event) and 2nd overall in the autotest and 2nd in the combined 1400cc and up to 2000cc autotest class.

So a rather manic week with three events ! But some good results, some good points for the CMC Clubmans Championship and best of all great fun 🙂


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