Targa Rally

So our first event in a good while saw us heading to a new venue, Weathersfield airfield an ex RAF base and now Police/MoD venue.

The weekend before allowed a bit of practice, in driving some Skoda Citigo’s at the MSA’s Go Motorsport Live event giving the general public free rides around a small autosolo course. This was great fun ragging around in someone else’s car !

The Targa rally was very hot in total contrast to the last one where we had snow! This was the first event out after a number of new mods, and it was pleasing to feel the difference they had made straight away.

Once the second driver advantage had edged away, the results improved and on the second to last test, we set a joint fastest test time, which when you are against S2000’s and 2ltr Escorts is very pleasing.

I did though manage to bend a wheel by taking a ‘cut’ on the very last corner of the last test, trying that bit too hard. Luckily only the wheel was damaged. See https://twitter.com/MattEndeanRally/status/356466722091458560/photo/1 for the damage…..

At the end of a very hot day we finished 5th overall and 1st in class and with Suze driving and me navving 7th overall and 2nd in class, so two top ten results out of 55 entries is very pleasing 🙂


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