Post WRGB Prep work

I always knew that going into the woods would take its toll on the car, but i didn’t quite expect it to be this bad….

During the christmas / new year break i spent many hours in post WRGB and pre Brands Hatch Stages prep work doing :-

– Oil & Filter change

– Removing a LOT of mud from the car (even after a through jet washing) – over 6kgs of mud

– Replacing the OSF wishbone, as the bottom ball joint was loose, this was seam welded before fitting

– Replaced both rear ARB drop links (ruined by the gravel)

– Rust proofed and painted most of the underside of the car, rear axle, wheel arches etc… over 7 cans of paint went on the car!

– Full bolt check, adding anti vibration washers to a number of bolts which came loose on WRGB

– Cleaned and washed air filter

– Made, fitted and wired up new corner pod lights

– Cleaned and generally cleared up the car

– Removed the rear bumper brace, another 1.2kgs removed

– Remove WRGB Stickers

– Remove road rally tools / spares

– Sort wheels & tyres


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