A day in the March sun, under a rally car.

With the March CMC Targa looming up soon, it made sense to make the most of the good weather and get started on prep work on the rally car. A busy in the sun doing :-

– Changed the oil and filter

– Krust treated the floor pan, where the gravel had ripped off the paint from the Bath Festival Rally. Then gave it two coats of black paint.

– Found that on both side the rear 1/3 of the sills were rotten L they have been patched before, and i think with all the gravel work on the last few events that part of the sills have taken a real pounding. Decided they need welding up before the next event, also whilst they are being welded up it makes sense to get a sill stand kit installed at the same time. I have been thinking about one for a while, and it makes sense to get this fitted at the same time as the sill repairs.

– Found the rear ARB drop links need replacing again! My heat wrap protection about the ball joints wasn’t up to the job, will use mud flap material for the next pair going on.

– Painted the wheel arches in white (still to be finished, as i ran out of white paint)

– Painted the front callipers and rear drums black

– Welded up the NS wishbone mount brace, which had come loose.

– Removed the oil breather catch-tank to work on ensuring the breather pipe work stays in place

– Full bolt check

– Removed a LOT of mud from the wheels (see pic) and swopped front/rear the wheel/tyres

– Painted up the rear beam and links from the gravel rash damage

Media preview


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