Work done to Muriel recently

In addition to all the usual pre event prep work (see previous post) I have been busy on a few others jobs.

– with the new sills being fitted, i have worked hard to give them a lot of rust protection both inside and outside the sills, with waxoil on the inner of the sills and sealing up gaps and multiple layers of paint on the outside of the sills
– fitted an additional high power red led oil pressure warning light
– sorted through the tyre stocks, sold off x5 steelies with knackered tyres, and planned tyres for the upcoming events
– been trained by Owen at the Rover Centre in how to use their tyre fitting machine and fitted up a load of tyres.

Planned work to be done in the near future

– get more wheels and tyres and fit them, hopefully including a load of Colway Inters from ‘up North
– get the new 1.0 box fitted with a Suretrac slipper diff
– refrub the spare set of shafts and fit these when swooping the gearbox
– fit the flocked dash I recently collected from Wales, hopefully removing a load of soundproofing material hidden behind the dash at the same time


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