WRGB Prep Work

As with any event there is a certain amount of prep work needed before the event, but WRGB requires an extra amount of prep work. Below is the list of all major jobs that need doing between now and 9th October where we will be at the WRGB Media day, which we will be using as a final shakedown and test session as well as the chance to show just how fast a Micra can go to some media types!

One area of development this week has been discussions around suspension settings. Last years event was our first ever forest stage rally, so all settings were just guess work and to be honest there didn’t seem to be a lot of grip at all! 

So after some research and discussions the key area of development and testings before the event will focus on using ‘softer’ anti-roll bars (ARB’s) or even try no ARB’s at all. Updates on this will follow….

WRGB Work to be done

Splash guarding front wheel arches
Check rear brakes & hubs
Add mud flap material in front of sideways part of exhaust
Redo mud flaps
Replace all HT electrics
Replace coolant sensor
Re-wire headlights and spots
Plumb in new small wiper wash system
Sill guards
Pack car with ‘Road Rally’ pack of spares and tools
Sort tyres
Sort rear sump guard mounts
Drinks system
Fit new rad and sort rad fan mount
Raise ride height
Change rear ARB Bushes
Fit new pads and bed in & bleed brake (near event)
Reinforce sumpguard
Fuel filler pipe protection
Clean air filter
Change engine oil and filter 
Rain-x screen & lights
Fit flocked dash
Sort out hub nuts
Clean steering wheel
Seal floor holes
Re do cut-off stickers
Sort front middle sump guard mount
Waterproof electrics
Find standard ARB’s, paint, fit for testing.

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