During last years WRGB on the longer stages which we taking over 20 minutes to complete, it became clear that my lack of fitness make keeping 100% concentration on the job in hand very difficult. 

So with this in mind, I dusted off my bike pumped the tyres up ready to start my own prep work for WRGB.


So I ventured off for a 30min bike ride around the local parks. My aim to improve my fitness rather than losing much weight (although every little helps!). So all rides will be at least 30mins, with this thinking that we are unlikely to do many (if any stages) which last more than this.

To track my progress I downloaded the Strava app to my iPhone which tracks how far I go etc… You can watch my progress here


1 thought on “Fitness

  1. Suze

    Fitness work?! You did wheelies. You tried to go sideways on the grass. You cycled with no hands.

    But, I guess you did do some cycling too 🙂


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