All in a days work

So i thought I would try out something new and track a days work in the garage on the rally car. So using a timelapse video.

So here it is :-

Today was the start proper of WRGB Prep work, jobs done / started today :-

– Jet washed off a LOT of mud from the last Targa Rally (2hrs+ work!)

– Fitted a new hub nut to the NSF, which worked loose on the last event due to the action of the new slipper diff. I have fitted a later K12 Hub nut which has a Nyloc insert in, which with the load of threadlock on it should (hopefully) mean it won’t come undone again.

– Fitted the newly done cut-off switches cover

– Removed the sump-guard (and cleaned it), ready for it to be fitted with a number of 8mm Dural strengthening pieces.

– Repaired and strengthened the rear sump guard mounts

– Found the OS Inner drive shaft boot has spilt at some point and given the amount of mud/dirt around the inner joint is likely to be damaged. So a new shaft will be needed.

– Fitted the ‘WRC Style’ Hydraulic Handbrake

– Fitted the drinks system for use at the end of stages to both seats

– Removed the steering wheel, so I try and clean and rejuvenate the suede covering to make it less slippy in use.

– Found the OEM front ARB, which i will be trying as part of work to try and improve grip on gravel. And gave this a coat of silver paint.

– Painted the old discs which will be used as weights to keep the groundsheet in place.



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