A productive days work

After a few days of working on the Micra where it felt like I was making slow progress, today has been much more fruitful.

First off I had to work out solutions to the new layout of the new dash, which meant new mountings for the heater controls and ECU. After a number of different options, the answer was zip-ties! These now support both the ECU and heater controls and it works very well.

Then it was on to fitting the dials and finishing off the wiring for the additional switches (horn, rad. fan & lamp/corner pods).

Next up was fitting the rally clock and trip meter and wiring them in, this all went smoothly and they look very smart on the new flocked dash. (No pics as my iPhone has died :(…. )

I then set about tidying up the rest of the inside of the car, and fitting all the spares, fluids etc.. that we carry on multi venue events.

Last week we were confirmed for the WRGB Media day, which we now know is based on tarmac. So I worked out which wheels and tyres we will use. The wheels are ones I got in a deal with the LSD Diff, which are VW wheels. I then prepped and sprayed them in ‘Motorsport’ white (Poundshop spray paint!).

Lots more work still to come, but a slightly shorted list now we know the media day isn’t on gravel.

Final thing, we are now looking for a gravel testing venue ideally local’ish to Aylesbury and cheap! Anyone know of anything????


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