A day out in a different Micra

With us deciding to not enter Woodbridge Stages this year in our Micra to save funds for WRGB, it seemed a little odd to end up spending the day navving in another Micra.

After a bit of work on the rally forums, I ended up paired up with Robert Kennedy is an ex. F1000 Junior driver looking for someone to tell him where to go for the day.

The day dawned bright and sunny and we had great weather all day long, in fact a little too hot at times for our tyres and brakes. The little ex. Junior F1000 Micra was well built and inspired confidence that it would safe if it where ever needed…

We had a good day with very little drama’s all throughout the day, the new layout at Woodbridge following the demise of the Budliegha sections, meant it was really a power venue and with just a standard 998cc CG10 Engine we were always going to be up against it. However Rob’s Junior F1000 experience showed through with a very committed driving style which saw us airbourne every time over the jumps 🙂

In the end we ended up 39th overall & 6th in class from 55 entries.

As ever it was good to see how another Micra was set-up and run, as you can always learn new ideas (fitting mud flaps being one for use soon) and a good drive by Rob.

Possibly the biggest thing learnt was how relaxed and stress free rallying can be when you don’t have to run a car, just turn up, belt up and go rallying. Much less stressful than packing cars with spares, working out fuel and tyre usage & strategy and then that niggling feeling about how will you get the car home if it all goes wrong. I could get used to this navving lark! The other thing that made the event was the smooth running of the day down to the great work by the CMC Crew and how good it is to go rallying with all your mates 🙂

All in all a great days sport.

Here is one of a few stages we go on-board footage of, more can be found on my YouTube Channel – Matt Endean Rallying


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