Lots of small jobs

With the WRGB Media day looming up soon, I have been busy in the garage in the evenings in an effort to the get the car ready before the media day.

Yet more Blue Print parts fitted to the rally car.

Recent jobs done have included :-

  • Finding the OEM Rear ARB (needed to try softer ARB options, to try when testing in a hunt for more grip), cleaning and painting
  • Fitting a new Auto Rad, with an Auto fan. The new fan is much more powerful than the standard fan, plus the new rad will flow a lot more air through it. Plus the main issue of where the old fan rubbed against the old rad it was wearing through the core which have lead to a leak at some point in the near future.
  • I have re-build the distributor, fitting new rotor arm, cap and HT Leads
  • Replaced the ECU Coolant Temp sensor, which will hopefully cure the running issues we had on the last Targa Rally.
  • Reinforced the bonnet pin mounting points which on inspection were very worn, and could have lead to the bonnet opening at speed!
  • Finally, further tidying of the wiring loom and protecting it with spiral protection tubing.

The WRGB Media Day is on 9th Oct, which isn’t that far away now. This should be an interesting day with us lining up with other clubman crews and WRC Stars like Evans in his Ford WRC Fiesta!


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