Busy times

In between losing some wisdom (one tooth’s worth…) a lot of jobs have been finished off on the Micra.

  • Filled the cooling system
  • Fitted the dizzy and HT Leads
  • Fitted the newly reinforced sump-guard, which took a LOT of fiddling to get fitted where the chassis mounts are now a little ‘well used’
  • Fitted the sump-guard side splash guards
  • Mounted the bumper back, and sorted the OSF wheel arch liner
  • Adjusted and improved the new washer system, with a second pump and one-way valve
  • Replaced the OS driveshaft which had a split inner gaiter, and topped up the gearbox oil
  • Fitted the airbox, and finished tidying up the new headlight wiring and testing this.
  • Checked rear brake adjustment and bearings
  • Full bolt check, found one major gearbox mount bolt loose!
  • Changed oil and filter

The car is now almost ready for some test drives, jobs left to do before the WRGB Media day

  • Fit new mud flaps and mounts
  • Sort stickers, sunstrip and polish car
  • Test run and bleed cooling system
  • Paint wheel arches white
  • Rain-x car
  • Check new hub nuts dont move under use
  • Fit rear wheel scrappers
  • Check tracking

One other job to be done, are to sort out the last few tyres for WRGB, which I will hopefully be collecting this week and getting fitted at The Rover Centre


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