Getting close…..

(c) @WalesRallyGB

With just 18 days left, and coming back from a few days holiday it was back to work in the garage on a few jobs.

– First job was to replace the missing electrical cut-off switch sticker, which disappeared somewhere en-route to the WRGB Media Day. I replace both the cut-off sticker and extinguisher sticker, after cleaning up and prepping the area under the stickers.

– After experimenting last weekend with new camera mount positions, today I fitted the additional wiring loom to the roll cage.

– Full bolt check (both rear shock bolt were loose!)

– Removed the sump-guard and added additional strengthening bolts, as well as hopefully improving the new front mounts to hopefully make fitting and removing the sump-guard a bit easier.

– Welded up the near-side front wishbone mount chassis bracing.

Jobs left to do now are :-

– MOT this Thursday, this will be the last main road test of the car before WRGB

– Change oil & filter

– Fit wheels & spares

– Clean air-filter

– Fit new brake pads, bleed through new brake fluid and bed in pads.

– And if time allows fit the navigators electric window kit.


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