Getting it noted

After finishing the final prep work, my view for the rest of the weekend looked mostly like this :-

Start of the final WRGB stage SS23 – Brenig

As the national rally doesn’t allow us to recce the event, we have to use Patterson’s ‘Safety’ (or pace) notes. These come with a DVD so you can see the stage as well go through the notes, this allow us to add (or remove) notes as we see fit and also to get a feel for the stages, road conditions, and have a feel for where we are going.

The pattern for using the notes this year is :-

1.) Matt (as driver) to watch the stages

2.) Watch stages again, but with Suze (nav) calling out the notes, making changes / amendments as needed. Usually this involves adding more information about the road condition i.e. bump at hairpin or off camber.

3.) One or two more runs through each stage for me to ‘get’ the stages in my head.

Now we are into the last few days before the event!

On Thursday morning we are heading off to Deeside for Scrutineering, after which we have the ceremonial start and then from Friday to Sunday is the rally! I will try (if time allows) to post on here during the event. But if you do want to follow us during the event, then Twitter is going to be much more updated than on here, you can follow me on @MattEndeanRally


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