Post WRGB Work

After spending 2+ hours jet washing off Wales finest mud, currently the post event to do list is :-

  • The exhaust (where it crosses the under the car) took a real pounding, this will either need the sizable dents removing or the whole mid-section replacing.
  • One of the OSR suspension mounts needs some additional welding
  • Replace the NS driveshaft and change gearbox oil
  • Replace the NS brake cooling ducting
  • Mount the plumbed-in extinguisher more securely
  • Paint the dash mounts black (currently red, which when driving can look out of the corner of your eye like the oil pressure warning light is on, not helpful!)
  • Fit electric window kit
  • Wishbones… replace both wishbones (which now will be ‘lifed’ ) these will be seam welded and painted silver, also the wishbones for the spares kit will be seam welded.
  • Get front shock re-built

So plenty to be doing…..


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