Xmas break work and ASI prep

Having taken a few weeks off from rally car prep, the fast approaching Autosport International Show for once has spurred me on to doing some work.

This due to needing to prep two cars for the event (the first time I have said that before!) Muriel will be on the MSA Stand in the Main Hall showing how you can get involved with rallying. There is no re pre event pre work needed for this but some post WRGB jobs need doing to drive her to Birmingham.

I will also be giving Autosolo demo rides at the show on the Sunday in my MGZR road car.

I started off by changing the oil in the MGZR, to do this I needed to move the rally car. She didnt want to start, but having been left for a month, I thought it was due to this, however as she warmed up it became apparent that the fuel pump relay issue has reappeared, it seems only about 11.0v is reaching the pump, when it should be 12.4v.

To cure this I will be re-wiring the pump, and at the same time doing some other wiring work I have had planned for a while. This is a voltmeter which shows both battery voltage and via switch the lambda voltage, which will allow me to monitor the exhaust gases composition.

Here is the new carbon fibre dash insert ready to be wired in.


Other pre ASI jobs on Muriel include seam welding new wishbones and fitting these, changing the nearside driveshaft and filling with both engine and gearbox oil.


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