Lots of wiring and work on Muriel

With only a few days before the Autosport show where Muriel is going to be on the main MSA stand, last weekend was spent getting jobs done to enable me to drive her to the NEC.

The first job involved a lot wiring, as described before Christmas there was a drop in voltage reaching the fuel pump. So a new switched feed to the fuel pump was wired in. I also used this as a useful chance to fit a few other upgrades that I have had on the ‘back-burner’ for a while. So the new carbon fibre switch panel, also includes a voltmeter which can show the battery voltage and also the voltage produced by the Lambda sensor. This will help monitor the fuel/air mixture levels in the exhaust. Also I wired up a 12v feed to the navigators electric window switch gear and a new light (strip of LED’s) which will be a useful marshals light for use in controls. the only job to do now for fitting the nav’s electric window is to fit the motor and wire the motor to the switch gear.

Next up was a load of welding, the new wishbones to be fitted needed seam welding and painting. Also I did the same to the wishbones which are part of the spares kit. Quite a bit of work, bit also very satisfying when you get a new run of weld and looks good 🙂

Next up was replacing the nearside driveshaft, as during the final day of WRGB the brake cooling ducting ended up wrapped around the shaft, which then damaged the inner CV gaiter. Turns out it was a good move to replace the whole shaft, as the outer CV joint was very stiff. Possibly as a result of dealing all the excessive movement when the nearside wishbone snapped during WRGB.

Next it was time to fit both new wishbones, after the experience of snapping a wishbone on WRGB, these will now be lifed items, replaced probably on a yearly basis.

Finally it was a case of filling up both the engine and gearbox with oil.

At first she was a little hesitant to start, but i think this maybe due to the battery not quite as it should. After an extended test drive, the car was driving a lot better, but it felt like there was still some mis-firing. This could be due to old fuel as the fuel in the tank is now two months old, or could be something else….

Finally on Monday evening thanks to Halfords and their three year guarantee’s I fitted a new battery to Muriel and already I can see the battery voltage is more stable.

Hopefully the drive to the NEC will flush through new fuel and the new battery will see the end of the part-time mis-fire….


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