Autosport Show International 2015

As regular readers will know I had two cars involved at the Autosport show this year. Muriel (aka the Rally car) was one of three featured cars on the main MSA stand, which was one of the first stands you saw when entering the show. I was also giving autosolo demo rides in my road car (MGZR) outside on the Sunday.


Muriel on the MSA stand had a lot of interest with lots of photo’s being taken and interest shown in how to get involved in rallying which is what it is all about. She proved to be so popular that a number of people reviewing the show have featured her see the below links for an example :-

The demo rides were split into three sessions of 1hr each, with me running at 10am, 1pm and 4pm. The MGZR has a good handbrake so it great fun for these sort of events, getting the car sideways is great fun, and shows the show visitors how cheaply you can get started in motorsport. However this didn’t go quite to plan as the radiator obviously didn’t enjoy the experience and blew half-way through my first session. After a few panicked phone call and use of social media, through friends of a friend etc… and a brand new rad was tracked down and delivered to a car parts shop open on a Sunday local to the NEC (thanks Andrew). I got a lift out to the parts shop and bought the new rad & anti-freeze. Things were looking up, however I then had to spend about 40 mins hunting around the Autosport show for some M5 nuts as the new rad used smaller mounting bolts. Seemingly no one at the show was selling such small nuts, but very luckily the Spax stand had a few of these left over from their stand build and I was able to blag them off the Spax man 🙂

Apart from having to bodge up a radiator mount due to the seized bolt the rest of the repair all went to plan, even bleeding the cooling system went fine. So I did a couple of runs to test the system and then grabbed some lunch, before some marshalling and my last session at 4pm. This was great as it was getting damp and dark, so I was able to throw the car around a lot and it was more fun in the dark with the lights on.

All in all a very busy few days with being away with a work conference and then being away at the Autosport show, but as ever with motorsport all worth the effort 🙂


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