Final prep work

Last weekend was the final push to get ready for our first event of the year, Bovington Stages at the Tank testing ranges in Dorest. Suze will be driving on this event with myself on the maps. Bovington Stages is a two-day rally with stages starting on the Saturday afternoon and then all day on the Sunday.

First job was to get the car tracked up as reverting back to tarmac ride height at the front, I got this done a local garage.

Then it was on to cleaning up the rear arches, washing them and then treating them with Krust, along with a lot of the rear of the car. This was then treated to two coats of paint, black for the shell and white for the arches. Also I dealt with a couple of small bit of rust, which should make the rear suspension mounts feel stronger.

An easy job was improving the plumbed in extingusher mount, which got commented as a bit loose last time out. Some large washers soon had this sorted 🙂

Another job which was easier than expected what the fitting of the electric window mech to the navs door, luckily Nissan used the same mounts as the mechanical system. Also the electrical system is only 400g heavier, which is a bonus and will make controls a lot easier to manage.

A quick (well kind of quick with the heavy and awkward sumpguard to deal with) oil change and bolt check was done and then on to the final jobs…

The OEM spoiler angle has always looked to not be very effective, so with a few subtle mods and some weight saving (over 700g) and hopefully this will now give some useful downforce during high speed running.

Then it was on to the brakes, the fronts were fine and bled up fine, however I spotted when working on the rear of the car part of the OSR pipework had wear marks and was worn down. This wasn’t something I could sort myself…. So first thing on Monday morning I rocked up at the Rover Centre – St. Albans and very luckily the guys there sorted me out straight away as I had very little time the rest of the week to sort things – so many thanks to Matt & Alex for their work 🙂


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