Post Bovington Stages – Pre Woodbridge Stages Prep Work

It wouldn’t be rallying without a list of post/pre event work to be done, the next event for me and the car is Woodbridge Stage at the end of the month This will be with Lizzie Pope on the maps as Suze will be organising the event acting as Assistant CofC working her way to being a licenced CofC.

Work to be done :-

  • Check / tighten NSF lower ball joint, using LOADS of tread lock.
  • Check dip beam wiring, as the lights we a bit intermittent on the way home
  • Trim NSF brake cooling ducting, to stop it catching on the wheel
  • Find the fuse to the trip meter, clock, and intercom (blew during the event) – replace fuse
  • Full bolt check
  • Oil and filter change
  • Fit new front pads, and bed in (plus bed in new spare set of pads)
  • Seal up bulkhead/heater in-take (scrutineers note)
  • Bleed front brakes

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