Bedding Swtiches

Starting the post Bovington stages prep work is now in full swing, and needs to be sorted soon as we have now also entered the Hullavington sprint the weekend before Woodbridge stages. This should be a good new event, and also a good shakedown and pre-event test for Woodbridge stages.

Today I sorted out a few more tyres at the Rover Centre, at Bovington we used a grand total of £20 of tyres (fronts) and one set of front pads (£18) who says motorsport has to be expensive!

We did use our spare set of pads as well (which were well worn), so tonight I swapped around the car to run on road tyres and then fitted a set of new front pads. Then I bedded these in with some runs around the lanes, with some heavy braking the new pads were soon smoking and bedded in. These I will change for another new set (which again will need bedding in…) but it is important to have a set of already bedded in pads ready to use in the rally spares kit as I don’t want to be trying to bed the pads in mid-stage…!

However another job has crept up, which is replacing the fuel pump switch. Annoyingly this was only fitted recently, i think it is either an issue with the switch or the rocker cover sitting on the toggle and making contact harder. At least I have spotted the issue outside of an event, and should be easy to fix.

One good thing is that so far the newly tightened and lock-tighted front ball joints are still up tight, with the added witness marks it is easy to check to see if the nuts have moved now during events.

I think these may be worn out….


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