Ready to sprint

This weekend’s work has been about getting the rally car ready for next weekend’s sprint, which will be a good shakedown for Woodbridge Stages the following weekend.

To get ready for the sprint the following jobs were done :-

  • Oil & filter change
  • Fixed the dip beam wiring issues (feed from the alternator had broken)
  • Replace the blown fuse which feeds the trip meter, clock and intercom
  • Full bolt check (none loose for once!)
  • Fitted new front pads and bedding them in
  • Bled the front brakes (see below)
  • Sealed up the bulkhead/heater vents as per scrutineer feedback on the last event
  • Removed the sump guard
  • Fitted the new -80mm Progressive (+20lb) Tarmac rear springs
  • Fitted back in the rear trim
  • Fitted a new heavy duty (12v / 50A) fuel pump switch.

A quick road test showed that the rear is now a lot lower than before, so a couple aborted runs were needed before i sussed that the splash guard in front of the exhaust (where it goes across the car) was touching the road. This needed removing as well as the rear mud flaps pinning back to stop the grounding out. Then I got to do a test run of the new suspension and bed in the new front pads. The new springs aren’t too stiff and help reduce a lot of rear body roll. I think the sprint will be a good chance to fine tune the suspension.

Here you can see gravity helping out with the bledding of the brakes


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