A recent holiday has given me time to review, think and plan ahead for #projectmicra

Recently I made a decision that chasing more power, would probably not be a wise move in terms of money, time and reliability. At the moment the current setup is still road rally legal, which does cap top end power, however this does give everything else an easier time like gearbox / clutch / shafts even the bottom end etc…

So with that in mind work done on the car will now focus mostly on maintance to ensure reliability, and reducing weight (new MSA weight limits next year will allow futher weight savings). 

The only real upgrades planned is the fitting of a rear disc conversion kit, this is mostly due to the fact the rear drums and shoes are getting very worn from a lot of work over the years. Hopefully this will be fitted in time for our next stage rally Abingdon stages, which is likely to be very high speed in places and thus hard on the brakes. Whilst doing this I will also review the current location / handle / operation of the hydrualic handbrake which currently is not ideal.

Lots of bits for this have already been ordered, and I have the calipers already. These just need a quick checking over and service / coat of black paint.

Other plans in mind are in the name of saving weight; fitting plastic rear windows (depends on amount of curve on rear windows), and removing the rubbing strips on the doors / rear 3/4 panel. And of course removing any little items that don’t need to ‘go for a ride’ on the car….

The next event out is a local Autosolo run by Oxford MC at Finmere airfield, the car is almost ready to go, just basic post event maintance and a set of brake pads was needed after Woodbridge stages. 

Jobs to be done are :-

  • Refit rear trim
  • Fit tyres ready for event
  • Go for test drive and fill with fuel
  • Pack car

Finally I might give the car a wash as she did get rather dirty at Woodbridge stages





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