Oxford MC Autosolo

This was a nice and local event for me, being just over 30mins drive away. So it was a reasonable start to Sunday to get to the event, signed on and scrutineered all before 9am.

This was the first time the event has run on this part of Finmere airfield, using the market ground. Which unlike North Weald was pleasantly free of rubbish and puncture inducing detritus.

The first test was set-up and a walk through the test showed that the day was going to be fast, flowing and open, which was good 🙂

The first set of runs, I was using some Colways on the front which were just not working, which was a surprise given how well they had worked last year on the WRGB Media day. Anyway in the break, I swapped the rears to the front (very worn wets) and put the road tyres on the rear. This improved the gearing a bit with a lower profile on the front and these tyres worked well on the new’ish concrete of the market ground. The next set of runs was test 1 reversed, and I was getting back in to autosolo’ing more and the speed came back.

By lunchtime I was lying 4th in class, and about a second away from 3rd in class. The other two were miles ahead, these were BTRDA championship regulars, who were VERY quick and precise. It was interesting when marshalling to note how different other drivers were. I suspect I was too sideways and ‘flamboyant’ to get down to their times – it was fun though 😉

By the end of the three of four tests, there was just 0.5 seconds between me and 3rd in class, this made it very tight…. Test 3 saw the fastest test, and with my data logger running I saw 45.9mph and over 1.1G in the corners. You can see the rest of the data here :-


Then on my first run of test 4 I messed up, I missed out a cone and got a wrong test! This then piled on the pressure, as I knew I had to get the right route as well as be fast, as it is your best two times that count! However after a lot of thought (and a bit of talking to myself!) I managed it and took 3rd in class by about a second. You can see a couple of videos of those last tests below :-

In the end I was 5th overall in the Nat B / BTRDA event, and 3rd in class – Interestingly if I had entered the Clubmans event I would have won the class by 19 seconds…..!

My next event is this Saturday at the Donnington Historic Festival, where I will be giving Autosolo demo rides in my MGZR (road car) to spectators for Go Motorsport. The rides are free so come along and see what it is all about.

My final run at test 4 :-

This is different view of test 4 :-


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