Oxford MC – Scatter Rally

A scatter rally is a competitive treasure hunt, where points are awarded for visiting points, which you find by plotting navigation issued at the start.

Since Suze got called to go to the states with work at the last minute, I ended up ‘sitting’ in both seats for the night driving and navigating.

The event started in that fine road rally tradition of a good fry up – via an Olympic Breakfast courtesy of Mr Little Chef.

It was then to the start to get signed-on and then on to the plotting, this went ok. I focused on plotting the high scoring points, and any easy to plot low scoring ones. Once this was done, I plotted what looked to be a manageable circular route, which would mean I could visit both points which were only open during a certain time period.

Then it was out on the road, obviously navving and driving does make things a bit harder… especially with me only ever being able to remember three instructions at a time…. Luckily though the points were mostly located quite close to each other which made this dual role a bit easier.

I managed to visit both manned points in time, and visit nearly all the high scoring points. Most points it was easy to find the answer, although I did loose about 8 mins trying to find one high scoring answer with no luck… Those new road around Bicester don’t quite match my map, which made plotting harder…

Anyway after a couple of hours of ‘spirited’ driving around the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire countryside it was back to the finish. By running into the bar, I managed to get in dead on 10pm and avoided any loss of points by being back late – though it was a close call…

As the results were being read out it came as a real surprise that I had won, its been a while since I have won an event outright and this is my first scatter win so very pleasing.

Tools for a evening in the lanes


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