Abingdon Stages

Wow that was a tough day!
Started off trying to find some rhythm on a new venue to us, the nature of the stages was very much fast straight, hard braking to slow 90 bends, and then some very tight sections.
Second stage getting better and using the new brake set up better, and then about 2/3 way through the stage I loose all brakes into a chicane, luckily just avoiding any damage. Turns out it was the NSF brake hose which had burst… This meant the OSF was the only one doing any real work, and we soon lost all fluid and I had to finish slowly using just the handbrake.
Get back to service and after a lot of work and swearing I managed to fit one of the spare hoses we had, and the brakes bled up all quite easily (thankfully). A quick test then showed that the OSF front pads has been killed due to the extra work load. So had to change these, but with us using our spare set of pads at the start of SS3, we were then on the hunt for another set as it looked like these just wouldn’t last. After lots of phone calls, a mate (Brian Stevens – mad kiwi) who was spectating found some in a local spare shop which was open. Many many thanks 🙂
The rest of the day was then spent trying to be as smooth as possible to try and make the brakes last. This meant it was hard to attack, but did make me drive more smoothly! Lift ‘n coast as they say in F1….
At the end of SS7 (of 8) the pads had cried enough, so I had to fit these cheap Umbongo pads (their instructions were clear no heavy braking for 200miles!), luckily they weren’t too bad and survived and on the last lap of SS8 was the first time since SS2 I actually had some brakes I could believe in!
All in all, a very tough day with the car needing some work after nearly every stage, very hot weather and some rough parts to the stages, all made it hard work. Thanks to all marshals and organisers for their hard work in the sun.
In the end we were 44th overall (100 starters) and 5th in class (17 starters).

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