Post Abingdon Stages – To Do

So as ever after an event there is always a list of jobs to be done… So without having has a proper check over the car here is the list of jobs that are known at the moment :-

  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Full bolt check
  • Wash / clean all the mess from the spilt brake fluid and gearbox over flow
  • Fit and bed in new EBC ‘Blackstuff’ Pads, which will now be used for all non-stage events.
  • Fit new front braided brake lines (both sides)
  • Bleed brakes
  • Find suitable new grade of pads for stage rallying, order these and fit, bed them in and then test them. Also research disc options i.e drilled / grooved etc…

The next event we are out on is a Car Trial which will be in my road car (MGZR), so the first job at the weekend will be to prep the MGZR for this, which will be a swapping of front tyres and packing of spares etc…


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