A hard trial

Another weekend and another event in the quest to retain the Chelmsford MC Clubmans championship. This time it was a Car Trial run by 7Oaks MC.

With a lot of overnight rain at home, and during the early start I was expecting the venue to be very wet (even muddy). However by the time we reached Kent, it was much drier.

We got through scrutineering fine, and then it was on to walking the tests which provides a good bit of exercise. The courses were split between easier and smoother ones purely on long grass, and the rest in the woods.

The morning was two runs of each of the six hills, these all went ok. Although the limited lock of the MGZR (my road car) meant we had to use the handbrake a lot to get round the hill courses. This also had the effect of giving the clutch a rather hard time, by the time we reached lunch there was a definite smell of clutch.

At this point we decided since I need to use the car to get to work etc… then we would stop abusing the clutch and try our best to ‘drive’ round the hills. This worked better on some hills and not so good some others.

However we finished all ok, and the car drove home all fine.

In the end I finished 2nd in class, which is very useful in the hunt for Clubmans championship points 🙂

Here is a on-board video from one of the hills.


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