A bit of a update….

It’s been a while since I last posted a blog update, and yet nothing much has really been done in this time. The last few weekends have been taken up with spectating at events like Goodwood FoS, Formula E and the British GP.

A few things that have been done are buying a new helmet which has FHR (HANS) posts fitted to it, as in 2016 FHR’s will be required for stage rallying. Now I have the correct helmet I intend to trial both HANS and the Simpson Hybrid systems on events during 2015 before buying.

I have also entered two events, the first is quite soon, an autotest run by Eastern Counties MC in a couple of weeks time. Mostly this is to try and improve my autotest points in the Chelmsford MC Clubmans championship, which is proving to be very competitive this year. The points I have amassed already would have been enough in previous years to win by quite a margin… This will be the first run out in the rally since the beginning of June on Abingdon Stages, which left a few jobs to do (more of which in a bit…)

Given the brake issues we had during Abingdon Stages, I have been researching into better pad options. I now have had some bespoke made EBC Yellow (full race) pads, which will be used for stage rallies and other high speed events. For more normal events, I will continue to use the EBC Blacks, which have worked well up to now. This will require swapping around discs and pads, but worth it due to the cost of the bespoke pads.

More in to future I have entered the Mercian Road Rally in September, again to hopefully add to my Clubmans championship points tally. We also plan to enter a local AutoX event at the end of August, which will be a new type of motorsport for both. This will require work to raise the ride height and revert back to ‘gravel spec’, which will also be used for the Mercian Road Rally.

As ever there is a to do list, which is a mix of the normal pre-event prep work, and sorting things post Abingdon Stages.

To do before the autotest

  • Full bolt check
  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Fit new EBC Black pads, clean discs and bed in pads.
  • Fit new braided brake hoses & bleed brake system
  • Sort tyres for autotest (no List 1B tyres allowed)
  • Clean NSF wheel arch
  • Fit new NSF wheel arch liner

Other to do jobs

  • Make up plates to be welded in to strengthen the front roll cage mounts, as per new MSA guidance. (Welding to be done by The Rover Centre, as I don’t trust my welding for safety critical things like this)
  • Fit a race novice X
  • Fit a race rain light
  • Fit new seats (current one are now out of FIA homologation, anyone want to buy the old ones?)
  • Fit new extinguisher clips (both hand-held & plumbed in)
  • Fit a 3rd high level brake light on the spoiler
  • Convert back to ‘Gravel’ spec
  • Cover up stickers for the road rally

As you may have noticed there is also some jobs related to going racing, since both Suze & I have race licences we have looked into going racing. We are looking at the possibility of taking part in the MSVR Trackday Trophy race series.


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