A busy weekend

In preparation for the forthcoming autotest next weekend, I spent a fair bit of the weekend getting ready.

First job was to sort out what tyres I will be running, I will use up a pair of wets which are nice and soft, well worn and low profile. Ideal for using up on an autotest.

Next job was to clean up the NSF wheel arch, which got coated in brake fluid during Abingdon Stages, once clean I then fitted a new full width wheel arch liner to try and protect the wiring loom which runs through the top of the inner wing. This was then given a few coats of gloss white.

Next up was making up the new plates, for strengthening the front roll cage mounts. This involved a fair bit of use of the angle grinder and bit of work to get them fitting right. These will be welded up hopefully the end of next week.

Then it was on to the more oily bits….

A full engine oil & filter change, and a change of gearbox oil. This time I used a funnel and pipework to fill the gearbox, which proved to be MUCH easier than using the filler bottles 🙂

Next up was replacing the front brake flexi brake lines, the NSF was the one we changed during Abingdon stages which was a standard blue print part. The OSF needed replacing just be sure it didn’t suffer the same issue – loosing your brakes during an event is not fun…! Also I changed the brake pads for the normal EBC Blacks and cleaned up the brake discs, to try and remove any transferred pad material from the ‘Umbongo’ specials which we used during the last stage of Abingdon.

The final task was a road test to check the car and bed in the new front pads, which all went well.


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