All in an evenings work

Wednesday evening saw a flurry of work being done as last minute prep to get ready for this Sunday’s autotest at Debden airfield. This was after a bit work earlier in the day during a visit to the Rover Centre to discuss the upcoming welding and also fitting a couple of tyres to use up at the autotest.

The first job was to once again swap around the wheels, so I have the narrower tyres on the rear so allow me to throw the car around a bit more. Whilst doing this I also did a bolt check of the front brakes which had seen work done last weekend and then road testing. I also noticed at this point I need to further support the clamps which hold the brake pipes to the shell, some zip ties did the job here nicely.

Then it was on to adjusting the handbrake, when I had the car converted to rear discs this also require new brake cables which had settled in during the use at Abingdon Stages. A good few extra turns on the handbrake cable adjuster, will hopefully result in a useful handbrake during the weekend.

Then it was on to packing up the car ready to go for the weekend, since we are off in just the one car it will be a tight squeeze to get in the spares I want to take and wheels etc…


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