All in a weekends work

For the first time in ages, I have spent the whole weekend working on the rally car!

As ever there was of course a list of jobs to be done, and as happens this list got added to during the course of doing the other jobs.

  • As can be seen above the race ‘rain’ light is now fitted and working
  • The 3rd high level brake light is also now fitted and working
  • I would have fitted the novice x, if it hadn’t gone missing in the garage… (new one on order)
  • After a lot of hot and sweaty work, the new seats are fitted, though I think I may need to adjust the positioning of navs seat as it seems a bit different to before. I used the same mounting points as before, so I suspect the seats have slightly different position mounts…
  • Fitted the additional skids to the sump guard (which add strength) for rougher events
  • A full bolt check and check over the car, this showed up a few extra jobs… as well as finding a few loose bolts including one which holds the NSF caliper in place!
    • Yet again I found some rust, only light surface rust near the exhaust. I treated this with two coats of Krust and then a couple of coats of black paint.
    • A look at the gear selector mechanism helped explain some of the gear selection issues on events, there was a lot of play in the mechanism. With some clever engineering and the use of silver foil tape, I worked up a solution which removed all slack in the linkage and makes the gear lever feel a lot more positive.
    • Painted a few bit of the floor pan and the NSF wheel arch, also the down pipes of the exhaust manifold needed a bit more VHT paint.
    • I spotted two coolant pipes were rubbing against other pipework, so I secured these better and used some inner tube in between the pipes to reduce the rubbing effect.
    • The T-pull for the plumbed in extinguisher has seized, although this is annoying, it better to find this now rather than on an event. A new one is now on order…

Still to be done…

  • Oil & filter change
  • Fit the new T-pull
  • Fit the new novice race x
  • Fit new fuel filter (lifed, 6 monthly item)


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