Ready to AutoX

The final prep work for our AutoX debut is now almost complete.

Raised the ride height, one bonus of the rear disc conversion if that you can remove the calipers and this allows you move the beam down a lot lower and then you can just remove the springs with no use of those dodgy spring compressors. Fronts were easy and the threads in nice condition.

Fitted a new t-pull cable for the plumbed in extinguisher, not too bad a job.

Replaced a fuel line, which was showing cracks where it joined the return from the fuel rail.

Then it rained heavily, which was a bonus as I wanted to check the diff was still working, so a quick play in the lanes, still working fine. I had checked it when in the air, and span a wheel and the other went the other way which worried me. But quite a few checks including one wheel on the grass one one of the tarmac and lots of revs and I got tyre noise as the tyre on the tarmac got the load and started spinning too :)

Came back, drained the oil and changed the fuel filter.

I then finished off changing the oil & filter.
Fitted back the sump-guard which is in full ‘forest’ spec with additional ribs, this went on surprisingly easily, as it can be rather awkward at times…
Then I fitted the knobblies, these are the ones left over from last years WRGB.
Then it was down to the little jobs like fitting the door squares, and the new headlight covers (see pic)
Then finally with a bit of spare time, I added a number of additional vent holes for the air filter to breath ‘through’ the edge of the bonnet.

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