Witney MC – AutoX

For the first time in a very long time I was set to compete in a brand new discipline, (first time since 2001!).

The course was was open and flowing on a stony stubble field, and I was pleased that they offered a slow recce run to allow us to learn the course.

The first practice run, was very slippery with a lot of loose on the track, this led to a lot of lift off oversteer which was great fun 🙂 Then it was down to the timed runs. With this being a two day event, the results are based on the fastest run from each day, with three timed runs each day and a ‘fun’ run at the end of the second day.

Luckily we were able to either run on our own or with something much much faster than us which soon went off meaning the chances of screen and stone damage was less. The start marshal was very good at sorting this all out – thanks 🙂

As the course settled down the grip levels went up and the times came down, and although we had the smallest engine in the 44 car entry by the end of day one I was lying about 28th overall and 1st in class)

The next morning it had rained a little overnight, but not much so the course would be pretty much the same just a bit less dusty. The first two runs of the day were similar to before, just marginally slower than the previous days runs. Then over lunch the heavens opened and this turned the field into a mud pit, just walking around the field became hard work. It was obvious the no times would be improved and quite a few drivers packed up at this point. But this would be a good chance to practice driving in low grip conditions, even if it was like driving on ice. It was great fun and a great chance to continue learning how to get the best out of the slipper diff.

By the end of the event, I finished 28th overall and 1st in class, beating quite a lot of cars with a lot more power than me 🙂

The only downside to the event is the stonechip damage, which is still to be fully investigated and the tonnes of mud that stuck to the car which meant it took over three hours to jet wash the car when I got home!


Also you can see some on-board footage from the event here


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