Prep work

Our next event is back at Bovington Stages, but this time the event will run from 3pm to 10pm, so there will be a lot of stages running in the dark, which will add an additional challenge.

Before then there is quite a bit of prep work from the AutoX…. So as ever there is quite a list of jobs to be done :-

  • Sort welding of floor pan, then paint and coat with waxoil ✔
  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Sort out tyres to use ✔
  • Fit EBC Yellow Pads and discs ✔
  • Fit brake cooling ducting
  • Fit hyd. handbrake extension ✔
  • Replace nearside rear caliper slider bolt rubber boot ✔
  • Clean engine bay & inside car ✔
  • Clear mud from wheel arches & mud flaps ✔
  • Fit OSF wheel arch liner and mud flap ✔
  • Lower ride height ✔
  • Clean air filter ✔
  • Fit and test additional lights ✔
  • Scutineering check ✔
  • Bleed brakes
  • Bolt check
  • Wash car

So plenty to be done before the next event….


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