A new look and a new list

Regular readers of my blog will hopefully have spotted a bit of refresh in the look of my blog. This also includes a new gallery feature and YouTube section.

Anyway back to the Micra…

With the last event of the year now out of the way, the list of work to be done in the ‘off’ season is here now to get ready for the first event of the year which will hopefully be Brands Hatch Stages at the end of January.

So here goes…

  • Replace both front wishbones (lifed items)
  • Fit new plugs, ht leads and dizzy cap
  • Change oil & filter
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Fit new harnesses
  • Fit lamp-pod and corner lights for Brands Hatch
  • Full bolt check
  • Fit EBC Yellows & Bed In
  • Fit brake cooling ducting F&R
  • Order and fit new tyres
  • Change power steering fluid 
  • Bleed front brakes
  • Scrub in and test new tyres
  • Fit spare tyre for Brands Hatch
  • Full scrutineering check
  • Fit new navs footrest
  • Add filter to intercom power supply

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