Autosport Show 2016

This year at the Autosport show I used the rally car to give Autosolo demo rides outside the main event. This was to show how you can get started in motorsport, it was also a good chance to give the rally car a good shakedown and also get used to driving the rally car after quite a while out of the main seat.

The main day’s runs went fine, a couple of small niggling issue arose mostly around the drivers side headlamp connector not staying in place. Also the air horn I moved in the off season wasn’t quite secure enough, but another zip tie ensured it is now nice and secure. It was pleasing that many people were waiting to go in the rally car, and many other competitors commented about how well the Micra went 🙂

Once it started to get dark, I used the chance to practice fitting the lamp pod and corner lights. (4 mins to fit the lamp pod & 7 to fit the corner pods). The runs in the dark allowed me to get used to the new and so far untested new lights.

These worked great…however braking hard in to the bottom hairpin left there was a loud bang and then no drive. It turned out that I had snapped the short (nearside) driveshaft. Luckily I have brought a spare and had it changed quickly enough – although it took ages to re-fill the gearbox with oil. A cold, wet and dark car park is not the most ideal place to change a driveshaft, but it is better for it to let go now rather than at brands hatch in a couple of weeks time…

Now there are a few more jobs left to do including fitting new shafts on both sides as a preventative measure.

Additional jobs (main list is a couple of posts down)

  • Change both driveshafts
  • Sort out headlight connector issue

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