Final prep for Brands

Yesterday (Saturday) saw a busy day to get the final prep done for next weekend’s Brands Hatch Stages.

The list of jobs done was quite large, however luckily for once they all went to plan and no job proved to be too tricky, and even the forecast rain stayed away until I had finished working outside.

Work done :-

  • Change drive shafts, to a matched used pair.
  • Repair OS headlight connector
  • Scrub in x4 Dunlops (which are very good)
  • Change engine oil & filter
  • Change gearbox oil
  • Full bolt check
  • Fit door squares
  • Fit lamp pod & corner lights ready for scrutineering
  • Fit brake cooling ducting
  • Bleed brakes
  • Fit sump guard

Now all that remains is a bit of YouTube based recce’ing this week, and then we are ready for the first event of the year, where we are seeded at car 52 (3rd in clas A).


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