As you may have read previously at the Autosport show, I snapped a driveshaft. Well here is the cleaned up offending item :-

When I cleaned up the CV joint, the joint was very stiff requiring a hammer to move the remains of the shaft just a few mm. With the damage done it was hard to tell if the CV joint went stiff before or after the shaft snapping. However when I changed the shaft on the other side yesterday, the CV joint on that side too was stiff. On both joints the CV boots were in good condition, so it isn’t dirt getting in causing the issue. I suspect it must just be the increased power / torque giving the CV joints a hard time. So driveshafts now join the list of lifed items on the rally car.

The list of lifed items includes :-

  • Wishbones – yearly
  • Driveshafts – yearly
  • Fuel filter – six monthly
  • Spark plugs, HT leads, dizzy cap – yearly
  • Power steeringl fluid – yearly
  • Gearbox oil – six monthly
  • Engine oil & filter – every event
  • Brake fluid – bled before every stage rally

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