Time for a Bath

Although the last event may have been based at a race circuit, the rally car is certainly very muddy. So the first job on the list will be a good jet wash and clean.

The 2016 MGJ Brands Hatch Winter Stages 23

The next event on the list is at the end of February, and a return back to road rallying with the Bath Festival Road Rally, which is a mixture of forest / gravel based tests and a traditional road rally through the night.

As always before this there is a list of jobs to be done :-

  • Fully wash car  (How muddy was that!)
  • Raise ride height to Road Rally Spec F & R
  • Change front discs and pads to EBC Blacks set up
  • Bleed brakes
  • Re-fit trim (rear seats and trim)
  • Remove corner lights
  • Sort side light (OSF isn’t working)
  • Full bolt check
  • Fit new (small spots) and wire in.
  • Scrutineering check
  • Cover up stickers
  • Change fuel filter, engine oil & filter
  • Fit knobblies & spares
  • Sort tools
  • Fit additional air filter (to reduce induction noise)
  • Repair horn mount
  • Fit ‘forest’ bracing to sump guard & side splash guards

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