A less muddy Bath

This year’s Bath Festival Road Rally, proved to be a lot drier and thus less muddy and this time after all the rain there has been this year in the SW.

The event started with all the usual pre-plot fun, and working out of timings etc… Scrutineering & Noise were all very quick and efficient.

Going out into the night, it was clear it was going to be a cold night (thanks to all the marshals for standing out in the cold) with clear skies the threat of ice was going to be a constant presence throughout the night.

This time the forest and gravel tests were all part of the road rally sections, which made the event flow better, but made it an even tougher job for the nav (Lizzie Pope) as it was a constant non-stop event all night.

First up were some roads on Salisbury Plain which was a bit unexpected, but mostly good fun apart from a couple of bits of road which were very rough, were it was just about survival….

The other forest tests, were good fun and with some practice I got back into driving in the woods. I really enjoyed the last section through the woods which was nice and fast and flowing, with the car performing well.

The rest of the first half was a more traditional road rally, with some whites thrown in for a bit of fun.

During this, the weather played its part with the Dunlops I was running not liking the cold. The grip varied depending on whether the front tyres has any heat in them, this did lead to the odd ‘moment’.

A very quick stop for petrol, just enough time to fill up, look and find the NSF wheel arch liner was hanging down, a quick Mars bar and then back on it again. Although it is tough like this, it is much better than sitting around for ages getting ‘cold’ and then having to get back into it.

The second half of the event, went smoother for us (apart from one wrong slot) and we both felt like we getting back into knowing what we should be doing.

Overall it was a great fun event, it was very tough and a real test of both crew members, the car and as always an element of luck. We finished 27th overall out of 70 starters, which is not too bad considering…. However sadly it didn’t match the success I had earlier in the week before where I did a Scatter rally with Kevin Ablitt where we finished 1st overall 🙂

The 2016 Bath Festival 4

The final section – Thanks to M&H Photography

To save constant ‘To Do List’ posts I will be creating a page with this in it’s own section.



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