A solo morning

With Bovingdon being close to home the idea of a morning only Autosolo appealed, a not to early a start and a lunchtime finish all should make for a relaxed day.

The last time I did an autosolo at Bovingdon my cone magnet seemed to be very strong, so I was hoping for no repeat of my last exploits.

The tests were nicely open and flowing, and well designed to test the car and driver but not a Mensa test of memory.


The first run of tests proved to be a good warm up, and the car was working well. Being a morning only event, the event flowed well and there was little down time. By the 3rd run of tests, I was well into things and fast design of the tests meant there was a real bravery element to the tests which is always good fun. Also on this layout I managed to set a fastest test time out of all competitors. Due to the pressing time (1pm play had to stop) we weren’t able to walk the final test layout, which caught out lots people myself included. This made the last two runs of the final test a lot more tense, as I had to get it right and I had no 3rd ‘fun’ run to try on.

During the event I experimented with a new camera angle, looking back at the NSF wheel.

Here is a more traditional view of the 3rd run of the 3rd layout of tests

Next up is the sprint at Hullavington, last year this was one my favorite events. So I am looking forward to this. Hopefully my move to the modified class will pay off, either way it will be good to enjoy the extra grip where I can use the sticky Dunlop rally slicks.


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