Final Hullavington

After enjoying the sprint last year at Hullavington Airfield, it was pleasing when the regs came out however it was saddening to to hear that this could be the last event at the venue due to the MoD selling the land off… Therefore I made sure I got an entry to enjoy the venue whilst I could.

After a week of prep work reviewing last years on-board videos, the convoy run showed that the course had changed quite a bit from last year. The new layout was a fair bit faster but this meant it was a real power course. Due to a change in tyre rules, I was now running in the modified production class, which is made up of car running ITB engines, and very lightweight special shells. So it was going to be a tough day.

Sprinting is good as it really makes you think about what lines to take, and where you can make up time. The new Go Pro proved useful with its WiFi link, I could view my onboards via the phone, this allowed me to review where I could make up time over lunch.

The day ran very smoothly, my times during the day getting better and better. In the end I finished 38th overall and 4th in class, just 0.3 secs off a modified race car, which was pleasing. I know I could have made up more time by improving my braking, using these new rally slicks I am still braking too early. I need to learn in the dry to brake later to carry more speed. Time to find some testing to improve my braking…

April is a quiet month, with no events planned. So it will give a bit of time to get some work done on Muriel who has now done about 85 plus events!

Here is my final and fastest run


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