Catching up

As it always seems to be the case, the days leading up to Woodbridge were very busy with a number of prep work jobs.

Whilst watching back the footage of the NSF moving around on the autosolo, I also spotted that the gearbox was rocking around quite a bit.

See video here :  –

I traced this back to a worn rear gearbox mount, to improve the strength of this I needed to remove the front/rear cross member, which proved to be a lot of hard work involving drilling out stripped threads, and prizing the cross member into place.

Other jobs done included, fitting back the newly re-built front shocks, a full bolt check and all the other usual pre-event checks. Whilst the front suspension was apart I checked the driveshafts (see earlier post for why), and found the NS CV joint all stiff. This leads me to think a different approach is needed to driveshafts. For Woodbridge I fitted another road used spare. Longer term I am going to use new shafts, and re-pack the CV joints with competition spec CV grease.



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