Middlewick Stages – Woodbridge

So after a fair bit of pre event work on the car, it was good to get to Woodbridge and actually use the car in anger.

It had been a while since I had driven the car properly, so I used the local lanes for a bit of a shakedown the week before the event. Pleasingly all was feeling good with the car.

The day dawned bright and sunny at Woodbridge which makes for a nice change as it is usually cold, wet and windy!

On the first stage we had quite a wake up call, as there was an amendment of a possible ‘dip?’ across one of the runways. This lead to this moment.


This certainly woke us up, and showed that really after 6 years of rallying the rear shocks have little to no re-bound control now…. The rest of the first stage was all quite uneventful, apart from sadly seeing Jim Bowie (fellow CMC member) parked up with a bust diff. By the end of the first stages things were looking all tight at the top of the class, we were in 2nd by 1 second and 3rd was just a couple of seconds back. The felt rather pleasing as the other two cars, are highly developed cars running ITB’s, trick gearboxes etc… and not really like our road rally spec car.

However by the end of stage two it was clear that the first stage, was really not representative as the other two near us had woken up and were taking lots of time out of us. So from stage 3 onwards the events became about conserving 3rd in class. The rest of the event was mostly uneventful, though the fast nature of the stages meant it was a good challenge for the crews. One little moment I did have was a slight over shoot, which you can see here

By the end of the event we were clear of 4th in class by nearly 4 minutes, but just over 2mins 30secs off 2nd in class. Anyone want to buy me some ITB’s ?

The car behaved itself, and my new welding held up well. The Dunlops wore out a set of front tyres, which really did start to go ‘off’ on the final stage with cords showing through by the end. Given we were safe in 3rd in class it seemed a waste to fit some new tyres for the final stage.

The event was a long and tough one with the heat and 1hr and 18mins of competition, but the stage layouts were good fun and challenging. So all in all a good days sport 🙂

Here you can see stage two, the stage where I was pushing the most.


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